House Rendering

General Building Services is one of the few companies in Yorkshire with the industry leading Putzmeister Worm Pump. This modern machine allows GBS to apply render to houses and commercial properties quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard. Based in Huddersfield, GBS is well positioned to service clients throughout Yorkshire.

Why Should I Render My House?

Rendering the exterior walls of your house is a great way of giving your home a facelift. It can be done for a number of reasons, for example to replace pebble dash, to make the exterior walls waterproof, or to just enhance to look of your property. Render is waterproof, unlike brick which is permeable. It is also thermally superior to traditional building methods, helping to keep properties warm in winter and cooler in summer.

A lot of new builds and self builders select a render for the exterior of their house, the benefits of render coupled with the look of brick corner features creates a fantastic end result. Get in touch for all house rendering enquiries.

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Types Of Render

There are numerous types of render that can be applied to your house. General Building Services looks at a number of factors such as the existing substrate (if we are doing a repair), the age of the property, the location of the property (is it next to a major road where your may get a lot of water and grit salt splash), the surrounding properties (and what they look like), the finish and colour you may want. So many rendering options, but we need to get this right.

What’s So Good About Spray Rendering?

Rendering of a property can be time consuming, on existing properties old render like pebble dash must be properly removed before a new coating can be applied. The Putzmeister worm pump allows GBS to apply spray render extremely efficiently, cutting time on site by as much as 50% – which means better prices for home owners.

How To Remove Pebble Dash

Many people find pebble dash an unsightly finish and wish to get rid of it. The expense can put people off and can even stop people from buying a house. Our spray rendering machine is so efficient at applying render that we can quickly remove the unsightly pebble dash and replace it with a modern render, available in any colour you wish.

If you’d like to talk to us about spray render, please contact us for a quote.