The plastering of walls or ceilings, done properly, can make such a difference to how a room looks. Getting the right type of plaster and getting the best finish is what General Building Services do best. It isn’t just a case of mixing a bit of plaster and spreading it over your walls, we pick out the right plaster for the job, mix it appropriately and apply it to your walls and ceilings, making sure that you get the finish you want and deserve.

Most of the plastering jobs we do, we are asked to get the smoothest possible finish. This tends to be where the walls or ceilings will be painted afterwards and any imperfections will show up straight away. But we do also get asked for the rustic feel and look, it all depends on the house and the style that it has. We have experience in all sorts of plastering jobs and feel sure that we can help you get the result you need.

Here are a few of the plastering services that we offer :


Coving is applied to the area where the walls meet the ceiling and can help break up the sometimes stark angles that can appear in a room. Coming with either a plain or decorative effect, we can help you choose the best one for your room.

Float & Set

This is the backing plaster that is used to level up your walls, typically when they are to be tiled afterwards or kitchen units are to be fitted and the finish doesn’t have to be a smooth as glass.


As with plastering, picking the right plasterboard for the job is important. Most of the time plasterboard will be added to inner rooms and ceilings, where damp and wet areas aren’t a problem – but there are times when we need to use them in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. For this will will use moisture resistant plasterboard to avoid probelms (we’ve seen a few plasterers not use this type of board and it has resulted in quite horrible results).

Plaster repairs

You may need a repair to your plasterwork for a number of reasons – a water leak, blown plaster, impact damage, wall or ceiling cracks, etc. This is where we will come and remove the damaged plaster, prepare and then re-plaster the area, bringing the damaged area back to a stage where it can either be painted or papered.

Skimming and re-skimming

Skimming is where we apply a second, finer, layer of plaster to your walls or ceilings. This allows is to achieve a very flat and smooth plastered surface.