Pointing to to outside brick and stonework can become worn and damaged over the course of years. Not only does it become unsightly, it can have a detrimental effect to the exterior walls of your house. Water is able to get in through the broken mortar causing damage in the form of frost weathering and from salt dissolution.

General Building Services have re-pointed many houses throughout Huddersfield, taking into account the houses existing type, texture and colour of mortar and making sure that any work matches the current exterior look.

The Re-pointing Process

The first thing we do is establish what kind of mortar has been used in the past. With so many different types of houses in and around Huddersfield – this isn’t just s straight forward job. From brick new builds to the older stone built houses – each can have a different type of mortar and it is important not to use a different mortar to the existing one. This isn’t just a cosmetic thing, we understand the damaging effect, to the existing walls, that using a wrong mortar with different permeability or compressive strength can have.

Once this has been done, we will carefully start to remove the damaged mortar. We will on occasions have to remove some of the undamaged mortar, but there will be a genuine reason for this and we will let you know at the quote stage if we have to do this.

Mortar chosen, old damaged mortar removed – it’s time to get down to the business of pointing your brickwork (or stonework). This is done in keeping with the existing mortar, making sure that the mortar level does not rise above the face of the masonry (which can cause problems in the future as well as looking horrible).

That is basically the re-pointing process, all done carefully, thoughtfully and with years of experience. General Building Services gives your house the look at protection it needs when it comes to pointing.