General Building Services carry out all kinds or roofing work in Huddersfield, Halifax and surrounding areas. From new installations to replacement and repairs, whether your roof is pitched or flat, we have the expertise to deliver the best roofing solution for the long-term.

Pitched Roofing

This is the typical style of roof – the pointy one. They are usually covered with clay or slate tiles. If we are repairing a pitched roof then we would match to the existing tiles on the roof. Tough with new roofs or complete replacements you have a choice of roof tile materials and designs to select from.

If we are repairing broken tiles, we will make sure that the roofing insulation is in good repair, as well as the roof timbers, remove the broken or loose tiles/slates and fit the new ones securely. While we are up on top of the roof, we will also check the ridge tiles, valleys and chimney stack to make sure they are in good health as well.

If we are replacing your entire roof we will usually replace the sheathing and underlying roof insulation before we start – we have found that if a roof needs replacing, the insulation usually does too. Once this has been done, we will lay the tiles and fix them in position, followed by any flashing work that may be required.

Flat Roofing

GRP Waterproofing System LogoFlat roofing is generally cheaper than constructing a pitched roof. It often has a bad press for being  prone to need replacing regularly. It is true that felt roofs need to be maintained regularly and can need replacing after around 7 years. But a well constructed flat roof that allows water to drain correctly, built using fiberglass will last 20 years, before any additional maintenance is required.

That is why we have become approved GRP Waterproofing System fitters. Coming with a 20 year guarantee, we believe it gives you peace of mind, is hard wearing, fire retardant and won’t leak. You can find out more about the GRP Waterproofing System at the Cure It website

GBS performs flat roof repairs and replacements in Huddersfield, Halifax and surrounding areas.